Electric car revolution on Shetland needed says Wishart

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Beatrice Wishart has today called on the Scottish Government to help kick start an electric car revolution on Shetland after the latest figures showed that there are just 54 electric cars registered in Shetland.

Analysed figures from the DVLA have shown that just 0.36% of cars registered in Shetland were electric. It was also revealed yesterday that in the second half of 2020 1.66 per cent of all car insurance enquiries from Shetland were for electric vehicles. 

The Shetland MSP has said that investing in infrastructure would help kick start electric car ownership and that starts with installing reliable rapid chargers (50KwH chargers) across all the islands in Shetland. 


Commenting Ms Wishart said: 

“Cars are not a luxury in Shetland because of our geography, and these figures show that if we are to see more electric cars on Shetland’s roads then investing in infrastructure is the first step that needs done sooner rather than later.

“At the moment there are only two rapid charge points, one in Lerwick and one in Yell. If people are to have the confidence that electric cars are practical then we need to make sure that rapid charges are readily available across the isles.

“The Parliament over the next five years will be making decisions that turn ambition to tackle climate change into reality. Limited infrastructure will mean limited outcomes. Shetland needs ambitious investment from a Government that is ready to put green plans into action.” 

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