HIAL report vindicates local concerns

Shetland’s MSP Beatrice Wishart has today said that the publications of the Island Impact Assessment into the centralisation of air traffic control has vindicated islanders opposition to the project.

The report published this morning is an assessment as to what the impact of the current plans by HIAL will have on island communities. Within its assessment it found a series of negative impacts, and no positive impacts for Shetland.

The publication of the report follows on from a petition that the Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP started last week which is approaching 1000 signatures of islanders who are against the plans.

Ms Wishart has urged those who have not yet signed the petition to do so, now that the bare reality of the project has been laid out.


Shetland MSP, Ms Wishart said:

“This report vindicates the concerns raised by people in Shetland and the near 1000 islanders who have signed my petition to put this project to a halt. This report could not find one iota of benefit that this project will have on Shetland and in fact does the complete opposite. It is now clear as day that these plans go against the interests of the islands. The Scottish Government should not have given countenance to them in the first place.

“This project is going to have profound implications for the local community and economy in Shetland, while benefits are hoarded in central areas. The report lays that out clearly.

“Removing air traffic control from Shetland should not happen. The Scottish Government must re-assess this project to find a better solution to modernising the Highlands and Islands air traffic network.”

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