Liberal Democrats launch manifesto.

Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate Beatrice Wishart has today said Liberal Democrats will always put island communities first as the party published its election manifesto.  


Within the manifesto the party has made numerous commitments, including: 


  • Establishment of a universal public transport ticket system which would enable travellers to have one swipe card for buses, train and ferries across Scotland. 
  • Extend free bus travel for young people to include ferry links 
  • The continuation of the Air Discount Scheme and undo the cuts of the SNP administration by reinstating business use. 
  • Roll back the current centralisation of air traffic control. 
  • A commitment to ending the car parking charges at Sumburgh which were recently introduced by HIAL. 
  • Establish a network of community connection managers who will be able to broker bespoke solutions for the rollout of superfast broadband. 
  • End fuel poverty through the establishment of catch-up zones for communities like Shetland who are furthest behind. Under SNP plans, by 2040 5% of homes will still be in fuel poverty. 
  • Extend the amount of teacher training that can be undertaken remotely, making it easier for people in remote, island and rural areas to train and carry out their placements locally. 


Commenting on the launch Ms Wishart said: 

“The plans announced today are ambitious for Shetland. They show just a fraction of what can be achieved if we are able to put the recovery first and move Shetland forward over the next parliamentary term. 

“By pushing these policies and not getting entangled in another constitutional argument, Shetland and Scotland can have a strong recovery that means easier travel for children and young people, an end to fuel poverty and local empowerment in decision making.”

“This manifesto is another glowing example of how Liberal Democrats put islands communities at the heart of decision-making. From free ferry travel for young people to ending fuel poverty once and for all, this manifesto shows the Liberal Democratic way forward for Shetland and Scotland.”

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