Survey shows HIAL centralisation rejected by 92% of surveyed Islanders

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Beatrice Wishart today revealed that a recent survey of people in Shetland shows that 92% of those who responded are against the current remote towers plan to centralise air traffic control away from Sumburgh. 

The revelation comes after it was revealed yesterday that the Scottish Government has spent over £6 million on the project so far with further costs yet to be seen. 


Commenting, Shetland MSP Beatrice Wishart said: 

“A clear issue that has been communicated to me is the strong local opposition to what is happening with HIAL centralising its air traffic control in Inverness.  

“£6 million has already been spent on a project which HIAL’s own consultants said was risky and costly, while a report last year from the Prospect Union estimated that £18million will be taken away from island communities. That is not good for Shetland and should be stopped. Serious and legitimate concerns, including the potential loss of highly skilled jobs from Shetland, have been raised repeatedly but HIAL is intent on pressing ahead. 

“We need to see the SNP Government listen to what island communities are saying and re-assess this project to find a better solution to modernising the Highlands and Islands air traffic network.”

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