Survival of Island NHS Boards not up for debate

Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Shetland Beatrice Wishart has today said she will oppose any centralisation plans of NHS Shetland following the publication of the SNP manifesto which referred to a ‘review the number, structure and regulation of health boards’.

Launching their manifesto today the SNP state:


“…we will review the number, structure and regulation of health boards – and other related delivery services – to remove unwarranted duplication of functions and make best use of the public purse.”


The Scottish Government attempted to centralise health boards in the last Parliament but plans were stopped dead in their tracks on the back of strong local opposition to the proposals. 



Commenting, Beatrice Wishart said: 


“Delivering good-quality health and care services in our islands to a population that is living longer but with more complex conditions presents enormous challenges. Those challenges are not tackled by mashing health boards together and hope they work better.


“While deeply concerning, these plans are in keeping with a party that has a track record of centralising services away from our island communities. 


“The last time the SNP attempted to ‘examine the number’ of health boards they were met with strong local opposition, and I stand firm against any dilution of local control on local healthcare delivery.”

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