Transport Plan

Beatrice Wishart, your Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for the upcoming parliamentary byelection, has detailed her priorities for improving Shetland's transports links, building on Tavish Scott's record of delivery for Shetland

Beatrice Wishart's Transport Plan for Shetland

Beatrice's five-point plan includes:

  • Full implementation of cheaper fares, now long overdue, including cabins. Demand all money not spent in the last 12 months on cheaper fares is recycled back into Shetland services.

  • Immediately address the concerns of local people by increasing capacity for cabins, cars and for freight including increasing direct freight sailings every night at peak times.

  • Reverse the SNP decision to remove business travel from the Air Discount Scheme and an end to parking charges at Sumburgh.

  • A ministerial guarantee of fair funding for internal ferry services, ending the year on year ransom for funding.

  • Demand ministers finally recognise the need to address fixed links and come forward with long term funding and a plan by the end of this Parliament.

Beatrice's plan builds on the strong Liberal Democrat record of delivering the air discount scheme, securing funding in the Scottish Government budget for internal ferry services and Liberal Democrats leading the campaign for cheaper ferry fares. Beatrice is proud of the Liberal Democrat Record. This is in stark contrast with the SNP, who have failed, time and time again, to deliver on their promises and introduced the parking charges at Sumburgh Airport. 

Beatrice said: "It is totally unacceptable for SNP ministers to hold our lifeline services at ransom. We need a change, and my five-point plan sets out a positive alternative for Shetland that would make the real difference that local people deserve. As a matter of good faith, SNP ministers should listen to local demands and take all the money they have failed to spend on cheaper ferry fares over the last 12 months and recycle it into Shetland services. To choose not to would speak volumes about their priorities.”

Do you agree? Sign our petition for fairer ferry funding here:

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