Wishart calls for urgent clarity around island restrictions

Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Shetland, Beatrice Wishart has today called on the Scottish Government to provide urgent clarity around future coronavirus restrictions in the islands.

It has been a month since the First Minister announced plans to ease restrictions on the Scottish mainland from 26th April. At the same time, she confirmed that the Scottish Government would consult islanders on whether and when to ease restrictions in the islands.

The consultation for the islands closed on 26th March and there has been no confirmation about what arrangements will be in place over the coming weeks or when an announcement is expected. 


Commenting Ms Wishart said: 

“Every day without clarity is another damaging day for businesses. Folk in Shetland are yet to see any clarity from the Scottish Government on what it intends to do. The murky waters that we are currently in means there is no opportunity to plan ahead and lives continue to be put on hold. 

“There is not one person who is not being affected by the current restrictions so I would have hoped the Scottish Government would be more prompt in providing information. 

“The consultation that was announced was all well and good but instead of meaningful engagement through it we have been left to feel like an after-thought. 

“I do not under-estimate the difficulty of the decisions that need to be made and the tricky balance that needs to be struck. But it is time the Scottish Government was clear on what the way forward is.”


On testing at entry points, Ms Wishart also called for more information on what progress is being made. 


Ms Wishart added:


“We have just seen announced in England community testing on a huge scale which is a welcome step to providing added reassurance to the public as well as a chance to identify cases before they have a chance to spread.


“While we have seen some engagement from the Scottish Government there needs to be more public clarity about what is being considered.”

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