Wishart calls out use of wrong Shetland maps

Shetland MSP and Scottish Liberal Democrat, Beatrice Wishart has written to Lord Matthews, Deputy Chair of the Boundary Commission Scotland, to get to the bottom of the origin of Shetland being wrongly represented on map images. Ms Wishart told the Lord Matthews that several organisations are printing representations of Shetland with the wrong shape, which she believes could originate from the Boundary Commission’s interpretation, and encompasses Yell Sound.

Ms Wishart also pointed out other maps on the Boundary Commission Scotland website, representing all of Scotland, but missed Shetland off entirely. Publications, including Holyrood Magazine, is one such example Ms Wishart flagged as a wrongly shaped Shetland map.

Ms Wishart highlighted the work of her Shetland MSP predecessor, Tavish Scott, who campaigned for Shetland to be represented in the correct places on Scottish Government maps, and not in a box off the Moray Firth.

Ms Wishart said:

“It’s easy to see how this has happened. A line was drawn and people have started to block colour within those lines but as we know this is not the shape of Shetland. I am sure other parts of the country would object to being wrongly represented in the way that the North Mainland and Yell have morphed on some maps. And I don’t think this is what we have in mind when we talk of ‘fixed links’ between the Mainland and the North Isles.

“As an island group at the crossroads of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean, depicting Shetland accurately, in the correct location and correct size helps people to recognise, and hopefully understand, the unique challenges and opportunities for those of us who live and work in this island community.

“If anyone finds a wrongly-shaped Shetland map please contact me and I will write to the organisation asking that they rectify the error. I hope that the Commission will address this issue and that we will no longer see a misshapen Shetland.”




Notes to Editors

You can find Ms Wishart’s letter to the Boundary Commission for Scotland here.

The Boundary Commission for Scotland’s website can be found here.

You can see an example of the issue - Holyrood Magazine’s map of Shetland here.

You can see a good example map from Promote Shetland here.

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