Wishart contributes to Endometriosis debate

Shetland MSP and Scottish Liberal Democrat, Beatrice Wishart, has contributed to a member’s debate on Endometriosis. Highlighting the painful condition and the impact it has on the lives of women and girls Ms Wishart emphasised the long average wait of eight and a half years for diagnosis and need for wider information about the condition.

An estimated 1.5 million women in the UK are affected, similar to the number of women who have diabetes. As high as 30-50% of women affected by infertility have endometriosis. The condition is where tissue, similar to the lining of the womb, starts to grow in other places such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes. There is no definite cure, and the cause is still unknown.

Ms Wishart met with the North Highland support group for Endometriosis UK last summer as its network includes Shetland. More information about the group and the condition can be found online.

During the debate Ms Wishart said:

“Unfortunately, too many are led to believe that their debilitating symptoms are just something they have to put up with.

“Girls’ education can be impacted if endometriosis forces them to take one week off a month from school to cope with the chronic pain.

“Encouraging openness and breaking down taboos around women’s health issues so those affected know when to seek help is so important. Misconceptions need addressing, and medical staff need training to spot signs of endometriosis sooner.

“Plainly, we must do better than averaging eight and a half years for a diagnosis of endometriosis.”




Notes to Editors


You can watch Ms Wishart’s contribution here.

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