Wishart marks International Women’s Day 2021

Shetland MSP Beatrice Wishart has marked International Women’s day by calling for changes to be made to the Scottish Parliament so that it is more women friendly

In her speech to the Scottish Parliament the MSP last Thursday called for the current hybrid measures in place due to COVID-19 to continue in the next Parliament to help women in their duties as elected representatives. The call comes after many prominent women MSP’s have announced they are stepping down due to the conflict that has occurred between public duties and private life. 


Speaking at Holyrood, Miss Wishart said: 

“Equality is one of the four founding principles of the Scottish Parliament. But too many women have made the decision to step down explicitly because sitting in Holyrood is incompatible with family life and attracts undue and insufferable abuse. 

“Taking inspiration from this year’s International Women’s Day theme, I think we can choose to challenge the parliament to be better than that.

“We should make the hybrid operation a long-term reality that lets women in rural and non-central belt communities take part and balance family life. We should take the opportunity to make things better for the future.”


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