Wishart questions domestic abuse measure

During a Justice portfolio questions session Scottish Liberal Democrat and Shetland MSP, Beatrice Wishart, questioned the Cabinet Secretary to clarify if the Crown Office findings of a 9% increase in reported charges with a “domestic abuse identifier” includes any evidence of increasing abuse to pets. Wishart highlighted that such an indication can point to coercion and control of their partners by perpetrators of domestic abuse.

It is widely suspected levels of domestic abuse rose dramatically during lockdown. Victims of domestic violence had no option but remain at home.

Ms Wishart is a trustee of Shetland Women’s Aid.

After the question session Ms Wishart said:

“Evidence of the predicted increase of domestic abuse during the lockdown is notoriously hard to pinpoint.

“If someone is capable of harming an animal it is more likely that they could harm a person.

“Organisations like Shetland Women’s Aid are available to help, more information can be found online.

“I look forward to the response from the Cabinet Secretary to clarify if increasing abuse to pets is included.”




Notes to Editors

Does the “domestic abuse identifier” include any evidence of increasing abuse to pets, usually dogs, which are used by perpetrators to coerce and control their partners?

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