Wishart questions Minister on Brexit and freight capacity limitations

Shetland MSP, Scottish Liberal Democrat Beatrice Wishart, today questioned the Scottish Government on its response to disruption for the seafood and other sectors in the Northern Isles due to Brexit and ferry freight capacity limitations.

The Brexit deal signed in 2020 saw the introduction of new barriers to trade such as the introduction of Export Health Certification when exporting to the EU. Added disruption has been caused by a lack of ferry freight capacity.

Ms Wishart and Orkney MSP, Liam McArthur, wrote to the Transport Minister in June this year asking for sufficient contingency for ferry freight capacity. The MSPs highlighted to the Minster that this was a long term issue on the Northern Isles route.

After the question session Ms Wishart said:

“The ferry freight capacity issue is a problem that is foreseeable and solvable.

“Almost every year we talk about insufficient capacity on the Northern Isles route.

“I cannot understand why the Scottish Government continue to kick the can down the road.

“The ferry freight capacity limitations must be addressed so growth in food production sectors is not stifled.”



Notes to Editors


Ms Wishart asked the Cabinet Secretary: The seafood and other sectors in the Northern Isles have been battling Brexit disruption along with ferry freight capacity limitations. How does the Scottish Government plan to mitigate the twin challenges of Brexit and freight capacity on lifeline services to ensure produce can get to market on time?


You can see Ms Wishart and Mr McArthur’s letter to the Cabinet Secretary here.

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