Wishart responds to First Minister’s restrictions

Responding to the First Minister’s announcement of further restrictions across Scotland, Shetland’s MSP Beatrice Wishart commented:

“Today’s announcement will place strain on those who are already struggling, and will be difficult news for many.

“These tougher restrictions will have a significant impact on individual health and wellbeing, and the economy. Those in hospitality have already been dealt blow after blow, and the positives seem few and far between.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic I have asked the Scottish Government to consider the differences that set Shetland apart from those on the mainland. The First Minister acknowledged that there are differences in her statement today, and there has been a growing recognition that there may be a cautious case to be made for the islands to go their own way. As it stands though, that option still just seems to be ‘on the table’.

“If the Scottish Government is going to enjoy the confidence of Shetlanders throughout the remainder of this pandemic, the decision making processes behind these restrictions need to be made as public as possible.

“That said, I recognise, that finding the right balance on restrictions is extremely challenging. I hope Shetlanders will step up to the task once again and follow the rules that have been set out so that we can keep the levels low.”


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