Wishart responds to FM statement on COVID restrictions

Responding to the statement made by the First Minister today on the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, Shetland MSP Beatrice Wishart said: 


“Today’s statement made clear on what most of Scotland can expect in the next weeks and months, but the same is not true for our island communities, which have been left with uncertainty. 


“The First Minister made reference to wanting to seek the views of islanders on future decisions which I welcome. There is no reason, however, why this could not have already happened prior to today’s statement.


“While the majority of Scotland prepare for the end of April it is disappointing that communities in Shetland have no clear path ahead. 


“Ministers must provide urgent clarification about who is to be consulted and when a decision can be expected. If travel to and from the islands is indeed the main factor holding up a decision, the Scottish Government must step up efforts to put in place testing at entry points.


“The First Minister talked about cautious optimism, which I welcome. What is disheartening is that after weeks of islands not being mentioned in statements by the First Minister ,we have now had a statement where we seem again to be more of an afterthought.”  

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