Wishart responds to Scottish Budget

MSP for Shetland, Beatrice Wishart, gives her response to the Scottish Budget.

Responding to the Scottish Government’s draft 2020/21 draft budget, Shetland MSP Beatrice Wishart MSP said:

“I welcome the news that Shetland will receive additional funding for our internal ferry services.

“Shetland's representatives have diligently and consistently campaigned for fair funding for Shetland's ferries for years and it is welcome that progress is finally being made.

“The First Minister at the last election five years ago promised ‘fair funding’. I’m pleased to now see additional money. However it is the quite the coincidence it has come about months before an election. Shetland has been consistently short-changed and as a result there has been a considerable difference between what Shetland asked for and received from the Government.

“Significant work still needs to be done to modernise Shetland transport links and that will need great commitment from government over the coming years. I am committed to that modernisation campaign.”

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