Wishart reveals 1 in 4 transfers to Aberdeen are for MRI scans

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Beatrice Wishart has today revealed that one in four transfers from Gilbert Bain to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Hospital are for MRI scans. 

The freedom of information request by the Shetland MSP shows that MRI scans are a common reason for patients being transferred to Aberdeen. A local community fundraising group has raised significant funds for a machine to be installed however the Scottish Government have not been forthcoming in supporting the installation. 


Commenting Ms Wishart said: 

“These new figures show the need for a MRI scanner at the Gilbert Bain Hospital, and evidence of real demand. Someone in need of an MRI in Shetland should not have to deal with the extra anxiety that goes along with a hospital appointment south.  

“The local community have done an inspirational job of fundraising the money to get a MRI machine in Shetland. The Scottish Government should respect that hard work and local desire by seriously engaging with plans to install one.

“Any patient having to take a trip to Aberdeen when it could be done locally is a trip that could be avoided and the stresses that come with it. 

“I appreciate that getting a MRI machine is not as simple as turning a switch on but it is the duty of Government to overcome these obstacles rather than avoid them. 

“I will be writing to the Health Secretary with these figures and asking that she meets with the local health board and fundraisers who have got us this far.”

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