Wishart reveals nearly a year lost due to faulty chargepoints

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Beatrice Wishart has today revealed that nearly a year has been lost due to malfunctioning car charge points in Shetland. 

A freedom of information request to the Scottish Government has shown that in 2020, car charge points in Shetland were out of use for 364 days. The Shetland MSP has re-stated calls for the need for more rapid charge points in Shetland so that malfunctions don’t cause major disruption to electric car users. 


Commenting Ms Wishart said: 

“Charge points need to be as reliable as petrol stations when it comes to giving our vehicles the juice they need. If you are in Unst, where there is currently only one fast charge point, and you are unable to charge your car then there is chance you could run out of charge.  It is this unreliability that needs to change. 


“I recently revealed that we have a long way to go to when it comes to uptake of electric cars.  There must be reliable and rapid charging infrastructure across Shetland to encourage and support the move towards more electric vehicles on the road. 


“We need to see the Scottish Government make meaningful investment in electric car infrastructure so an electric car revolution is sustainable.”

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